The Shi'Lo' Story
I'm sure every alpaca rancher you talk to could tell you a story about when they saw their first alpaca and immediately fell in love with those big dark eyes,long eyelashes, soft luxurious fiber and gentle lovable ways.
Our journey began over 20 years ago, in Flagstaff, Arizona.    Sitting in a small Mom and Pop restaurant we saw an article, in the local newspaper, featuring a farm called "Cloud Dancer Alpacas."  They had pictures of the cutest little animals we had ever seen.  That was all it took--one picture--and one side trip to "Cloud Dancer Alpaca Ranch" and we were hooked!!  These gentle, shy creatures capture your heart and run with it.   I can still remember that first feeling of "I just gotta have these guys in my back yard!!"
It took us 10 years to actually make that happen, but after much research, preparation and planning, we had our first 3 boys.  Benedict, Desert Storm and Desperado came home to live with the Flores Family.  My initial plan was to have these 3 alpacas as pets in my back yard!!  Since that time my Alpaca Family has grown to 18 "Wonderful Fiber Boys" that live on my farm in Lakeland, FL and 12 Breeding females and 5 Herdsires that have a home at "Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch" in Odessa. We are also home to 2 lovable guard dogs, 4 goats and
 "Tide" the Donkey.
Owning alpaca isn't for everyone, but if you have an interest in how you can enjoy "The Alpaca Lifestyle" I would be happy to discuss how we can make that happen for you.