I can't tell you how many times 
I have been asked, 
"Why do you raise alpaca?"  

Imagine, if you will, the quiet morning hours, before anyone else is stirring.  You walk out your back door and are greeted by these gentle loving animals.  You hear their humming as you walk into thier paddock.  They slowly rise and anxiously await their morning meal!  You might take some time to give them some belly baths  and let them run and play in the hose or offer special treats to your silly goats.  "Tide" the Donkey has waited long enough for his feed so he begins to let you know he's hungry by Braying as loud as he can.

You touch each and every one, running your fingers through their long soft fleece  knowing that this is what these animals are made for.  You give them love and in return they give you the most glorious alpaca products. 

So, why do I do this? You will hear about "The Alpaca Lifestyle" when you talk to any alpaca rancher.  It's that unique bonding and appreciation you have for these gentle creatures that make going into the "busy world" a little more bearable knowing that at the end of a long day, they are there waiting for you.  Life can't get any better!